Strange routing, wrong tags?

Recently I added a cycleway, and now I try to route via that cycleway. I use KDE’s Marble for routing, and Marble can use different backends for routing (Yours, Gosmore, OpenRouteService, Monav, Routino). But on al services I get strange results. So I am wondering whether I have correctly tagged the cycleway.
See this link:,51.8063746&end=5.7114845,51.8066155&pref=Bicycle&lang=de&noMotorways=false&noTollways=false

Someone knows what is going wrong here?

There is nothing wrong with the data (except that the bicycle=yes tag is redundant). I downloaded the area in JOSM and used the routing plugin to find the shortest route between the ends of the cycleway and it routed just fine over the cycleway.

The cycleway is added at 26-01-2011. Openrouteservice currently uses data from 16-01-2011 and so does not know about this cycleway.

No, the cycleway was added on 14-01-2011 and changed on 26-01-2011. The only change on 26-01-2011 was the addition of the redundant tag.