Strange regions in Israel

While looking for place names in Israel, Hamas-inspired names appear for various regions.
I can live with “west bank” but:

Carmiel, West Bank, 'Shuhada, Israel
Bet Shemesh, West Bank, Ahmad Yaseen Region, Jerusalem District, Israel

Eilat, Morasha, Bnei Brak, West Bank, Noor Shams Camp

How do we proceed?

It uses place=region nodes.
e.g. Shuhada.

I guess we could add some Israeli oriented region names in relevant locations…

West Bank comes from place=county
e.g. West Bank.


This is entirely an artefact of how the OSM Name finder service, Nominatim, processes a hierarchy of place names: nothing political at all.

The issue lies in using nodes to define areas: Nominatim has to ‘guess’ the bounds of the area: and the shapes will get distorted when adjacent places have been mapped using different conventions for use of the place=* tag. For a similar (but out-dated problem see

In general this reflects map data which could be improved, typically by replacing nodes through with area polygons. This is not always possible when particular areas have a well-defined name, but the boundaries are somewhat fuzzy (one reason why OSM is very light in names of mountain ranges, valleys etc.).

One last point, as with Wikipedia, it’s always best to assume good intent on the part of other contributors.

So I think we should go to Shuhada region, or Ahmed Yasin region and change the place:region to place:locality

If it’s a region, then it’s valid data.

I suggest we add the regions “Lower Galilee”, “Upper Galilee”, etc.


Those are generally hamlets, refugee camps etc. not proper regions.
We could use the actual districts and prefectures of Israel (מחוזות ונפות). Is there a map from the ministry of the interior, like the one you scanned for the municipalities?