Strange data in Vietnam...

since there is no forum for users from Vietnam, I’ll try this one… maybe someone has a contact in Vietnam.

I stumbled upon this area to the north-west of Ho Chi Minh:

There is a lot of weird data there. The tags building, highway, landuse, place, shop … are used with arbitrary values. Some, I suspect, could be abbreviations, some addresses. But right now, it’s pretty useless.

A few users have been contributing to the data, most are relative “newbies” and still active:ơn%20An
(probably I’ve missed some)

They all use Vespucci.

Is there anyone who knows Vietnamese and could contact these users?
I don’t want to just revert / delete everything, since I really can’t tell if there is valuable data in there.

Cheers, daganzdaanda


according to the Wiki the Vietnam community has a mailing list and a Facebook page. The wiki also mentions other ways to get in contact.

Best would be to try it there or even on the general “talk” mailing list.

This specific forum is about Thailand and your question is very specific to Vietnam and their tagging conventions.
i agree with you that the way they tag addresses looks unusual, but best answered by the local community.


Thanks, it seems most of the links from the wiki are not working anymore. I’m not on the mailing lists. I’ll write some changeset comments to the more recently active people, but I am now thinking that this is a job for the DWG… I’ll contact them through the german forum.

What do you mean strange data?