Strange crossroads near Robert F. Kennedy bridge

I found many tracks near Robert F. Kennedy bridge that does not connect to roads. I can’t find the way that drivers took. Could you explain to me: if there is a way from 1st Avenue to Robert F.Kennedy bridge?

Yes, that’s weird. I have no first-hand knowledge of that area, but my thoughts are: either the GPS tracks are invalid, or there is a connection between the 2 ramps that isn’t mapped on OSM and is not visible from above.

One ramp goes southeast from the traffic light at E. 125th and ends up on Harlem River Dr south-bound. The other ramp goes from Harlem River Dr south-bound to loop around and end up crossing RFK bridge going southeast to Randalls & Wards Island. It seems to me that there is a spot where those two ramps are very close together, and there might be a connection between them. That spot is not visible on an aerial view because it is under other ramps or a bridge structure. A connection under there seems dangerous to me, but I can’t think of any other way those GPS tracks could be valid.

If anyone wants to see it in context: