Strange Admin Boundary in Slovenia


i found one admin boundary that does not make sense to me: Upravna Enota Litija(7)

This boundary is overlapping 2 AL5-Areas, which is usually not ok.

In wikipedia i found “Traditional regions and identities”
May be it’s one of those?


btw: my main “job” is quality analysis of worldwide admin boundaries; see my signature.

Yes, this is a known anomaly in the administrative area hierarchy in Slovenia.

Upravna enota Litija contains 3 municipalities:

  • Litija
  • Šmartno pri Litiji
  • Ivančna Gorica

Contains Litija municipality

Contains the other two municipalities

Thanks for keeping a sharp eye on our government :wink:



Actually, revisiting the issue I noticed that the relevant law in article 16 defines:

which roughly translates to:
Borders of statistical regions are defined by the statistical office of Slovenia

Meaning that it has no administrative role, only statistical, which are more accurately tagged with boundary=census, same way as the 2 larger statistical regions of Slovenia (East and West NUTS2 statistical regions).

This is why i adjusted the tags accordingly (osmcha)

Great ! Will tell you more tomorrow (data collector is starting at midnight and running till the afternoon)


Your data collector seems to have finished with Slovenia -

It looks a bit weird ti have so many admin_level 8 (212 municipalities) immediately under the country-level (admin_level 2), but this is what we have now.
Relevant part of the constitution:

There are ongoing projects to introduce intermediary level with 8-14 regions, but that is not done yet.
Some description in english can be seen in

We have reserved admin_level=4 for these new regions, as described on:

Yes, it is as it is - but this may change sometimes.

From my point of view it’s important, that it’s correct :slight_smile:

Before that fix i could not deliver all admin boundaries of SVN to my users. Some Cities were missing. Of course only those which are mapped in OSM.


BTW, Your tool could be improved to show the count of immediate sub-elements of a certain element instead of only admin_level. Eg it now shows “Slovenia (2)” but it could show “Slovenia (2) [212]” to show the number of municipalities. This is not a problem with fewer sub-elements, which can easily be counted by users, but so many don’t even fit on a normal screen at once.

Good idea but no easy job. Will add it to my todo list.


The current (not yet accepted!) proposal for the interim administrative level (admin_level=4) contains

  • 10 regions with multiple municipalities
  • 2 regions containing just largest two city municipalities (Ljubljana & Maribor)


Almost like Germany: we got 13 States (Bundesland) and 3 Big Cities (Berlin, Hamburg, Bremen) also called Stadtstaat/City State".

All of them have the identical political rights and therefor all got Al4, of course.

Would like to have the same in Slovenia, but it’s your country.


btw: My Boundaries Map service is down but should go online in 3-4 days. Yes, that was a really big crash :frowning: