Strange Admin Boundaries in Russia


At OSM I mainly deal with the administrative boundaries of the world. Maybe someone knows the Boundaries Map:

My Data Collector notifies me of 1075 administrative borders in Russia that do not have an admin level. (*) That doesn’t seem correct to me.

Thus these incomplete border relations are ignored by my programs and are e.g. not available for data exports. Other programs might also have problems with this data.

Question: What is wrong with these relations and who can correct them?


 relation |                 name                  |    boundary    | admin_level
  1991719 | Aklushi                               | administrative | (null)
  1991815 | Batyrbay                              | administrative | (null)
  1995523 | Baydiny                               | administrative | (null)
  3429965 | Bereg Kamy                            | administrative | (null)
  1989779 | Berezniki                             | administrative | (null)
  1481594 | Berezniki                             | administrative | (null)
  1520120 | Bim                                   | administrative | (null)
... snip ...
  1516211 | Ягодина                               | administrative | (null)
  2628398 | Яйва                                  | administrative | (null)
  1460859 | Якунино                               | administrative | (null)
  3684809 | Якшевитово                            | administrative | (null)
  1516893 | Ясыри                                 | administrative | (null)
(1075 rows)

The complete list can be found here:


*) Administrative boundaries are relations with type=boundary, boundary=administrative and admin_level=X. There are discussions to accept simple closed ways too, but this has to wait. About 2000 of them in Russia.

Places in Russia shouldn’t has administrative boundary tags. Polygons of places can have same perimeter like administrative boundary relation, but it actual for city and towns usually.

Need delete boundary=administrative from place polygons and replace type=boundary by type=multipolygon when polygon of place represented by relation.


it’s your decision to do so and therefore i’ll ignore those “boundaries” as i did before. same with about 2000 closed ways.


In Smolenskaya Oblast place boundaries are taged as boundary=administrative and admin_level=10.
It is a sort of an experiment. (To make it visible on mapnik I think)

That is not unusual in many other countries - including Germany.

btw: “Under discussion: all hamlets / suburbs or only suburbs with local government offices”

Don’t know if there are any decisions made.