Strange additions in Ramat Gan and Bnei Brak

Recently someone has been adding gigantic buildings that clearly don’t exist in the Ben Gurion Street area in Ramat Gan and Bnei Brak.

Since I am not fully aware of all OSM policies and conventions, I’m not sure what to make of this. Can anyone please have a look and see that indeed what is being done is wrong?

yeah, recently I saw them too. It’s clearly someone tries to draw buildings but too lazy to draw them one by one :slight_smile:
I’ll invite them into this forum to discuss this.

Seems like this area is covered by clouds in Bing aerials. You can suggest alternatives.
BTW, now with the acquisition of NOKIA by Microsoft, will we get the much better NAVTECH/NOKIA sat data to work with?

At least these “combined” buildings must have “fixme” tag

Hey guys,
Im one of the guys who cover this area.
We want to convert this data to x-plane 10 simulator that uses OSM data to place and show the buildings.
Some of the areas there are covered by clouds so we are going blind sometimes,but in most of the areas we do our best to be as realistic we can.
Our goal is to cover most of the middle of israel,around ben gurion area.
We are really sorry if we did somthing wrong :slight_smile:
We promise that we will more careful

Hi MtaX, thank you for the clarification.

A question to everyone: what now? Is it better to leave this information there or delete it?

I would keep it how MtaX has created them.
If somebody thinks he can do it better, he should do it.

But I think better keep something unperfect, than not having it at all.

If we get better sat images in the future, we should of course remove and re-create from scratch.

Some of the areas in question do not have cloud cover, and actual buildings are visible on Bing Maps. IMHO we should certainly delete from those areas.


In general I don’t see how inaccurate information is better than no information.

That is my opinion but I’m not the decision maker,
so if more people have the opinion that we should delete it, than it should be.

I’m also do not like all these “combined” buildings, as this hides potential footways between them. Also, while navigating comparing buildings you see with those on maps may help, but not in this case.
+1 for deleting “combined” buildings and buildings which were guessed because of clouds.

OK I have cleaned up some of the buildings. The problem is much more extensive than I thought, so more work is required. It basically appears that aside from the really large buildings, there are also a lot which are the size of two buildings only. This might not be as bad but it’s essentially the same problem. Clouds only cover a small part of the problematic area.