Store and render map

We are planning to develop a intranet web application which will display our location in each area (only UK).
Requirement is simple, a base UK map with street level zoom in and icons will be placed on top of the map.
Maps are required only for rendering.
What I would like to know is,
1 .How can I download only UK map data from OpenStreetMap?
2. How to render the map - the back end is going to be in J2EE and front end in GWT. Is there any Java API available to interact with the maps?

I have spent considerable amount of time in checking wiki and forums but could not get answers for the above questions. If these queries has been already answered please point me to the same.

Any info would be really appreciated. Thanks.


You can get a Planet extract. See
The best option is probably Geofabrik, they provide extracts for most countries / parts of Europe. Though they don’t actually have an extract for the UK, but they do have them for “Great Britain” and “Ireland”, so you could combine these to get all of the UK.

The usual software for rendering OSM maps is Mapnik. It will generate the map tiles which you can use in your application.
For making a slippy map, you can use OpenLayers, a JavaScript library. This lets you add markers and interact with the map etc.
There are a few other JavaScript ways of showing an OSM map, eg Cloudmade API or Google Maps APi. Some of them are listed here:

Thanks a lot Vclaw.

I have dled england map file alone from geofabrik. Right now osm2pgsql is running… Any idea how much space and time will be required to convert the england data into tiles using mapnik.

To add to it I’ve 1GB ram!!! :frowning: