Stopping annoying Bleep

Hi, new forum member here; I hope this is the best part of the forum to ask my question.

Whenever I’m following a route or downloading a map, the phone makes an annoying bleep-bleep every few seconds. It can be silenced by choosing silent mode on the phone but that has obvious drawbacks.

The phone is an Honor 10 Lite running Android 10.

Please ask if any more information is needed.


You might need to tell your readers which app you are using.

It’s OsmAnd+ V3.9.10

I don’t know about OsmAnd, but my Garmin makes those sounds whenever the routing function is active and I approach a crossing. There is an option to disable this “routing hint”. Maybe you find a similar option?

Thanks but I can’t find anything like routing hint. I don’t think it’s connected with crossings. It also occurs when downloading a map.

If your Android phone automatically goes to Silent Mode, simply any “scheduled Do not disturb” settings on your Android device.