Sticky Post

Good afternoon

I would like to know who can make a post sticky?
I am about to suggest the Greek Community, where I belong, to make a post with basic instructions on OSM editor.
I think it should be sticky so none can be lost in many other posts.

Thank you.

I can do it, if you will tell which one should it be.

In general moderators could do it, but Greece has no moderator currently (of course you can propose to have them).

Thank you for replying to me.
First of all, can we have any mod only for Greece (as region)?
Secondly, can we make categories for this country?
I have worked before on phpBB, I have a small experience. I don’t know if it works the same way.
I try to communicate with other Greek member but they reply only every weekend, so, whatever i try to make will take too much time.

Sure, just let me know who wants to apply.

What do you mean, what categories? Could you explain me or show the examples?

Let me explain:
We have a main category “OSM Community” .
In this category we have the countries.
Can we have subcategories in any Country Forum?

Anyway I would like to be moderator.
Are there is some capabilities in forum, like merging similar posts, so that we can have a nice structure in forum?
Can a moderator do things like this?

I guess it’s not possible in this software.

I guess yes.

So, can I become a moderator?

It’s not likely at the moment, Greece community needs to back up your proposition: