Sticky post for "United Kingdom"

Back in 2015 I asked Lambertus . This is still an issue.

The sticky at the forum says “This is the perfect place to talk about…”, but unfortunately in this (the GB forum’s case) it really isn’t - it’s very low volume. For whatever reason, most of the UK discussion takes place on the GB and IE mailing lists and (GB for the island of Great Britain, IE for the island of Ireland).

We’ve seen another instance recently of someone trying to reach out to the GB community, finding the UK forum and posting in it, and missing most of the GB community in the process. In this case someone saw the same post elsewhere (OSM diary) and helpfully cross-posted it to the list, but it would be really helpful to have some sort of sticky at the top of the forum explaining the best contact mechanisms for the UK.

What’s the best way of doing this - me posting a forum topic and someone else making it sticky, or what?

I guess you can prepare how this message should look like and I can edit the first message in sticky thread to reflect current situation.