Steve Coast about maps..

By the way,do you know that:
Skobbler realize solutions which a lot of people wish on the main OSM page…

Do you know this tool:

It is helpful for finding buildings without address.

Yes, of course. Thanks for the reminder

If you wish, I can post here news from the OSM and GIS world. I do it already for the polish community.
See posting group

I think that is good. I suppose that other mappers from Ukrane will not object. Fresh news are always welcome. Since shtosm news recently are very rare

Well, look here:
“make love not war” :wink:

I haven´t checked it, but I hear, this OSM map based App should be nice:

Yes, of course. But a half of buildings have no any streets in its address in my city.

I’d think, that that tool is “too early” for our mapped (trully unmapped…) surroundings. :smiley:

We have damn good results with our OSM non government organization in Poland. Now we plan to organize round table with companies, and organizations with the target to push osm in Poland.
We got in last years donations, e.g. GPS devices and many invitations for presentations for teaching about OSM.
Now we more and more areas which are trully good mapped. For example: we are in contact with some taxi companies. They collect the house numbers for us.
Should I visit you and report about our experiences?

Sounds good. For now, I’d no experience with conversations with any organisations about topic, even Ukraine wikipedians have little knowledge about OSM. May be anyone here have more suggestions with OSM PR in Ukaine?!

First step could be contact with this guys:

What do you think?

The White House (

supported this:

Comparing of Web-Mapping-APIs:

OpenLayers 3, Leaflet i Google Maps API

How is the situation (nr. of mappers) in USA:

OSM based “distance calculator”:

Seven best apps with OSM content for Iphone:
(description in unfortunately in german, but not soooo important :wink: )

Yahoo makes now indoor mapping:

Unfortunately I can not participate :laughing:

There is one more quite good app:
Galileo Offline Maps