Steps tagging as parallel part of streets

In my region, doubtlessly elsewhere too, we’ve got a gazillion steps instead of sidewalks parallel to streets, alleys, service ways, sometime left, right, both sides or in the middle. An ‘old’ example in brick, which could pass with the supplemental tag of flat_steps on it’s own.

Used the tag on a highway=residential with steps:right=yes once before without any inquiry by the new key checkers.

Today revisiting, added the following tags to this way

steps:right:surface=paving_stones (actually it’s bricks, the same as used for the retaining wall)

and if stretching it could add


but since it’s integral part of the highway=residential, one time lit=yes covers both me thinketh. We do though see sidewalks with separate street lamp lighting, either halfway the regular streetlamp or on their own shorter pole.

Mapping separate is to much for the slim space since the way is baked against a school sportshall and retaining wall, brick too.

Those are the most common showings, but long winding residentials/serivice/driveways up/downhill through green zones with “side-steps” are seen frequently too.

Passing a no-vehicle sign the way up continues albeit grass overgrown, occasionally cut, and the steps covered in asphalt, the handrail continuing.

A view down

So far seen cycleways tagged as lane on highway=* in JOSM getting a style of a green-red line affixed to the regular street, demo below


Maybe something for sidewalks and these steps too visualizing what’s been tagged on a way, sidewalks not doing anything ATM.



Then zoom in?



The part after the no vehicle sign. Here the handrail helps to not fall off … a little subsidence underway.

Another unmapped before, named too per wall sign, and sure you can zoom into cm resolution to map it separately. The steps are tiles covered ;p)

Lots more where that came from.

steps:forward:forward=yes steps:forward:backward=no? steps:right:left=yes steps:right:right=no?

steps:right:segregated=yes? steps:right:overtaking=no?

At a certain point, subordinating everything to the roadway makes it hard to say anything about geometries. I suggest taking advantage of the physical separation to apply the physical separation rule in these cases. No one really expects the nodes to be precisely accurate to within a few centimeters; just indicate how things are connected or separated to the best of your ability.


On your photo down the hill, what are the apparent little piles of rocks on the right hand side of the road for?

Its residents action to stop parking.