State of the Map Poland 2018


We plan to organize regional conference in Poznań (Poland) on 13-14 April 2018:

and we kindly invite you to attend. If anyone of you is interested, feel free to contact me.

The website now has also English version with more details:

We invite you, especially if you would like to be a speaker - we make a call for papers now.

Hi guys, it would be really great to see you in Poznań.

We wish to speak about local cooperation between countries from our region, especially dedicated map.
We need to collect ideas, discuss aabout.
So I’m thinking it’s not just one conference more…

Unfortunately, I do not know any examples of cooperation between our communities. First we need to investigate and compare local rules and data. For instance, my address validator worked fine for Ukraine and even for Russia, but it was not applicable for Poland.

Btw, doesn’t work

kocio, is it possible to send an invitation for a visa?

That’s true. We should change it.
We talk today evening about invitation for visa.
Should be unproblematic. We can invite people as OSM Poland associacion.

The site should be up - could you check it?

It sounds like Ukraine citizens can visit Poland without visas - however only holders of biometric passports (is it your case?):

still doesn’t work

It’s true. At the moment a lot of ukrainians are trying to take this feature. So it’s risky. As I know the bureaucratic process can take 2-3 months. Potential participants who do not have visas and biometric passports should start making new passports as soon as possible. But there is no guarantee that they will be on time

What is the exact problem - maybe some specific error number if displayed?

Blank screen only. Seems your hosting blocks requests from Ukraine (I tried 3 different IP - this is available only with non-ukrainian proxy)

Another domains on also are not available:

Works fine in Kyiv.

Well then only Lviv is banned ((

Thanks, we’re currently investigating the issue and looking for a solution.

We have transferred the website to another host, which has no problems with spaming history (that one was shared), so soon it should be accessible everywhere.

Hi folks, we have already first people from Ukraina registered for the conference.
I am very happy! If somebody of you wish any help please write me.