State of the Map 2009 conference held in Amsterdam

The yearly State of the Map conference for 2009 will be held in Amsterdam. Of the three candidates: Trentino (Italy), Gran Canaria (Spain) and Amsterdam (Netherlands), the OSM foundation thought Amsterdam to be having the best proposal.

The conference will be a three day event:

  • Friday 10 Juli: focused on commercial uses of OSM
  • Saturday 11 Juli and Sunday 12 Juli: focused on mapping community

More info in the wiki

Wow, great event. I’ve enjoyed all (well, most of) the talks and meeting many people who’m I previously only knew by their nickname. The food and beverages were great and I’m totally knackered after two days attending :smiley:

Most interesting talks for me:

  • (very fresh idea!)
  • How people search for locations (and how OSM needs to improve on this)
  • The good the bad and the ugly (about advanced (not!) routing with osm)

Thanks to all the guys/girls involved in organising this event! Awsome.

Great conference hey? My write up is here

It was good to meet you there Lambertus. Good to chat about forum ideas too