State Forest Boundary different/broken/missing at different zoom levels

I made a change to the boundary of a state forest over 24 hrs ago and the change is only visible at some zoom levels. At first I thought it was just a delay in the tiles refreshing, but it seems to be an issue is multiple places.

This is the area where I made the change:

If you scroll through the zoom levels, you will sometimes see the old boundary, sometimes see the new boundary and sometimes see a broken boundary.

Here is another area that I didn’t change that shows the same behavior:

Look at Springer’s Brook Rd and as you zoom in/out, you will see the Wharton State Forest boundaries appear and disappear at different zoom levels.

Tried different browsers and cleared the cache and nothing changed.

Any ideas?

There are 2 outer ways intersecting here, causing the entire MP to break. Since you’re talking about the boundary changing, I assume the smaller outer can just be merged with the larger outer, would that be correct?

Yes. Just fixed that, thanks for pointing it out. Same problem, however. One of the warnings that predated my update was the warning: “Incomplete multipolygon relation was modified.”: It looks like this forest was assembled in parts since it is very large. Could that be the issue?

I had hoped this was just a tile caching issue and it would resolve itself, but the issue is still present. I assume this is a bug in the OpenStreetMaps software?

The Wharton State Forest boundary is rendering just fine. Try pressing ctrl+f5 while hovering about the affected area.

Seems like it was a combination of needing a couple days + clearing the cache.

Usually, rendering changes should be a matter of minutes. Except low zoom levels 0-12, which are rendered once a day.

If you mean deleting locally cached files in the settings menu, then this alone won’t help.

Map tiles are also cached in the Fastly CDN (content distribution network), that sits between the browser and the server.

A hard reload on, e.g. with Ctrl + F5 (see also Browser cache), bypasses and updates both the browser and CDN caches. This needs to be done for every map view and zoom level where you still see old tiles.