Standard-scale map adoption by September

I usually have one heck of a time referencing official map sources and getting everything to align properly. At least with this we would be able to create standardized workflow when incorporating official materials into the maps.

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Justice Minister Paiboon Koomchaya has instructed all relevant state agencies to adopt official standard-scale maps in a move aimed at solving the problem of disputed forest demarcation.

General Paiboon, as chairman of the national anti-graft centre, told the agencies to adopt a one-map policy by September based on the 1:4,000 scale, according to a source from the Justice Ministry.

State agencies that still use 1:50,000 or 1:100,000 scale maps need to change to the new scale, the standard adopted by the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology.

The standard maps will be submitted to the Cabinet for endorsement by March.

The state agencies will meet on Thursday to discuss revisions to their maps. Paiboon said the state agencies had agreed to the need to use the standard scale.

He said the non-standard maps used by different agencies were to blame for widespread encroachments on state land, including national forests and widespread fraud in the issuing of ownership documents, as there were overlapping areas due to the various scales.

Paiboon chaired a meeting with officials from the ministries of Natural Resources and Environment, Agriculture and the Interior and other agencies to discuss the implementation of the one-map policy.

The move aims to make it impossible to issue land ownership documents that are fraudulent, while authorities would be able to take action against people who encroached on forestland more effectively.
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