Standard map layer is not visible to us or our ip

We are not able to view the standard map layer in OSM even though other layers are visible.
We depend on the standard map layer for the work we do to see road names and basic road maps. Not sure why we are not getting to see it. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

Assuming the IP address is the same as you are posting from, this IP address was blocked for violating the tile usage policy, part of the terms of use. The usage policy prohibits bulk download of tiles.

Logs show systematic tile downloads from approximately 5 AM UTC to 1 PM UTC on 2023-08-26, using QGIS.


We use or refer to OSM for a project that we are working. The project is LiDAR image based and we look for the road name, type etc. from the open street map. On top of QGIS we use LiDAR images and OSM. Even though it may seem like a bulk usage, they actually are from different machines/users. Our final gateway IP that hits OSM is the same. Like I am writing from my laptop where I do not have QGIS installed and it is not meant for the work that we are doing.

It will be of great help if you could let me know how to unblock our IP and what should we do going forward to ensure that our IP is not blocked. We would at the same time like to continue referring to the OSM. I hope you can help and will greatly appreciate your advice/suggestions.