Standard Map Display

when geotagging my post, OSM always shows me a “standard” map with Europe on it. I am sailing right now close to Puerto Rico and I wonder whether I can adjust the zoom level and the center position of this standard map so that I do not always have to adjust this manually.

Didn’t find anything but maybe there is a secret :slight_smile:

Many thanks for this great plugin


So you mean your geoposition when creating a new diary entry at ??

Normally you can define tha start position in your OSM user settings, see

scroll down on that page when being logged in to main site, and try to edit your position manually.


As far as I know, there is no feature so far to update your position there by HTML5 geolocation feature easily in your browser.

Your post where?

What plugin?

It sounds like there’s an important piece of information you’ve left out. Are you using some piece of third-party software or some website?