Stadium of Isiro ist not displyed

Why the stadium of Isiro is not shown? At the Eastern end of the village green of the town of Isiro (Haut-Uele, Congo) is a stadium. In Potlatch, you can see it, but not on tha map, even the stadium is in the Potlatch for a long time (days, not hours or minutes). Later added streets are all there?!

Seems, that Mapnik don’t renders leisure=stadium?

But you can see it in Osmarender:



I made a stadium here
which is rendered in mapnick. Don’t have the time ATM to look what tags I used, but you could do that for yourself…

Viele Grüße,

You had a hidden node in the stadium which meant that the closure of the way was incomplete.
I have taken the liberty of removing it, so it should render properly soon.