Square polygon not working in ID editor for me

Apologies very new participant to editing of Open Street Map and after initially being able to use the square option to improve my digitised polygons - it is now not appearing as an option.

Is this likely to be as a result of an infringement on my part or simply a bug

I am using ID as the editor and my default settings appear to allow me to do this.

Thanks for any assistance

Do you have it with all buildings ? I believe the feature does not work when the building is “too far” from being a rectangle.
Another possibility is that the building you click is not “an area”, but composed of multiple lines. I believe it does not work in that case.

Can you try it on buildings in a totally different area ? Or perhaps with another browser.

p.s. I hardly ever use iD, so I can only suggest from what I have read/seen elsewhere

please give us the OSM-IDs of some buildings. or a link on openstreetmap.org with that area with a very high zoom.


ps: working with josm would be better - even for beginners :slight_smile:

Thanks guys - it has resolved itself - I believe it was operator error. Pressing buttons in slightly the wrong order and not giving things time to think.