Split way - lost ID


using the online-editing option of the OSM-Website I yesterday split a way at an existing node - there:

Afterwards BOTH ways were at Version #1 and neither of them has now got the original history :fearful:
I’m 95% sure I didn’t do anything else with this particular way than: Split, add Tags, Upload.
I was surprised as I did the same thing with a different way and there only one part is version #1, the other kept all the old information. Does anyone have an idea why that happened? Changeset for both cases is this one: Changeset: 135748136 | OpenStreetMap


You split the way not two, but four times.

This is the original way, now with version 21:
Way: ‪Kiefholzstraße‬ (‪24314524‬) | OpenStreetMap

These are the three newly created ways, all with version 1 and a new id:
Way: ‪Kiefholzstraße‬ (‪1169045891‬) | OpenStreetMap
Way: ‪Kiefholzstraße‬ (‪1169045892‬) | OpenStreetMap
Way: ‪Kiefholzstraße‬ (‪1169045893‬) | OpenStreetMap

So my guess is: You split the existing way into two ways. The first one keeps the version and id, the second one is newly created. Afterwards you split the newly created second way again at the node that you show in your picture. But because the second way does not have a version or id yet, the third way will not have a version or id too. And same for the fourth way.

You can check your changeset with the achavi-viewer: achavi - Augmented OSM Change Viewer  [attic]
On the right side of the viewer you can also toggle the visibility of the “changes”-overlay, to compare the before and after state.


:grimacing: ok, so it was the 5%

Thanks for the hint to the achavi-viewer!

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