Split .img map

Hi friends,

i have a new Europe maps of OSM 9.3gb, and i would like to split in file of 4gb…how can i do that??

thanks in advance

Where does this map come from? Is it for your computer, use Basecamp’s mapinstall.

i have donwloaded from http://www.openfietsmap.nl, do you know how split and install in my nuvi 255 ??

Maybe with GMapTool??


AH, thats my map :wink:
You don’t have to split it, I already did that for you (there are 7 areas for the GPS version).
If you want to split it in different areas, install the pc version on your computer (the 9 Gb version) and use Basecamp or Mapsource to select the tiles that you want to send to your GPS.

ok thanks, and if i want to send 8 gb, how many time it takes?


You cannot send 8 gb, 4gb is the maximum size per set and I think your nuvi can only read one mapset.
It will take a few hours with Basecamp to create such big mapset.