Spelling out bannered route numbers

I just noticed several bannered route markers failing to show on the map (specifically, OR 126 Business in Eugene-Springfield, OR 99E Business in Salem, and US 30 Bypass in Portland, all in Oregon). A quick look at the tags of each route show that they all have their respective tags spelled out, as listed above. While I’m aware that guidelines specify spelling out all abreviations (eg, NE → Northeast, Ave → Avenue, etc.), in this instance, it appears that spelling out ‘Bus’ and ‘Byp’ are causing route markers to fail to display (this is also causing the OR 22 marker to fail to display on Mission Street in Salem, where OR 99E Business overlaps with OR 22).
I suspect that a character limit for the markers is causing the tags to fail to generate their respective markers. If this is the case, I have to wonder if it’s indeed necessary to spell out the banner abbreviations for such routes (Alternate, Business, Business Loop, Business Spur, Bypass, Future, Temporary, Truck, and the rare combination thereof), or if a character limit increase is needed.
I realize this is likely a rather minor issue in the scheme of things, but for the visual sake of accuracy of the map, I’d rather abbreviate the banners so they at least show on the map (eg, OR 99E Bus). For the moment, however, I will leave things as is.

This sounds like an issue for the renderers, not a reason for changing the rules for the map itself. You could suggest that the renderers should have a dictionary of abbreviations. If there are standard ways of abbreviating these names, they way to do it on the map would be to add an additional key for abbreviated references. However, if there is no standard convention for abbreviation that will fail verifiablity as different mappers will come up with different values.

Those are some good ideas. How would I make this suggestion in the appropriate channel?
And I agree there should be a standard in place. Presently, a quick glance in Nevada shows that US 93 Alternate is rendered as US 93 ALT (indicated use of ‘US 93 ALT’ in the tags); I believe that should be the standard adopted, at least for rendering if we maintain a non-abbreviated tag.
Tag: [Juristidtion Number Banner]
OR 215 Alternate
Rendered label: OR 215 ALT
Alternate → ALT
Business → BUS
Business Loop → BL
Business Spur → BS
Bypass → BYP
Future → FUT
Spur → SPUR
Temporary → TEMP
Truck → TRK
Combinations may require rendered character allowances on a case-by-case basis?

Anyway, I appreciate the feedback.