Speed Limit app for iOS

I am keen on updating/correcting/adding speed limits on our roads here in West Australia as I am travelling about (mostly in the country). At the moment, I have to mark a waypoint at a speed limit sign, then when I get home, go and check whether it is correct in OSM - and some of the time, it is correct and I’ve wasted my time.

I would really like some clever person to write an app for iOS that just simply displays the speed limit of the section of road you are on. I could then hit the “Mark” on my GPS at a sign, and if the app shows the speed limit changing correctly, I could just cancel the waypoint mark.

Of course, it probably has to be off-line :slight_smile:


OSMAND has options to show the speed limits on the map.
And while “tap” the map you can add a marker.

oh - I was fooled by the name and thought OSMAND was just for Android! I’ll download it and have a play.

thank you Sandal man