Special Haiti forum useful?

I’ve received a request to make a Haiti forum specifically for tagging questions and discussions. To be honest, I’m a bit sceptical about that as I don’t want to muddle the water of the Haitian relief effort by OSM. But on the other hand, a forum is often better accessible for starters then email lists and also allows inline images etc…

So the question for you all: Is it useful and is there an interest in having a forum for specific tagging issues relating the Haitian relief effort?

Would it do any harm? :slight_smile:
Sounds like you’ve already identified perfectly good reasons for having one.

Alex, thanks for your input.

Well, that’s the question that has been stopping me from doing it. I don’t mind to get yelled at by mailinglist lovers for normal OSM things, but confusing an hectic relief effort is another thing.

Yes, but I have trouble getting determining which way the scale leans.

I’ve added a crisis mapping forum. Let’s see how/if it develops.