Spam protection details

Hi, as we know there’s a quite good spam protection in place: new users need their posts to be approved.

Can you tell me who approves the posts? mods of the respective forums? admins?

There are also some bugs - with RSS you can peek at these unapproved posts in advance, on the other hand “active topics” lists at the top can lead you to fake 404s on these.

If I remeber well, both admins and mods.

I don’t know nor use feeds, technical side might be fixed by Hakuch, but i haven’t hear from him for some time.

Could you give an example if such misleading active topic?

I might be missing something obvious here, but where’s the “report spam” button gone?

is obviously spam. It’s not their first post - their previous ones were garbage, but non-spam.

EDIT: Found it! It’s the “report” button, but is oddly greyed out in the UI.

Here it is :slight_smile:

And how I can take a peek with RSS despite that:

Judging from this, if every post that goes into the moderation queue is listed on the global “active” list, then there isn’t much spam to begin with - nothing that couldn’t be deleted after the fact.

I do not know who could take care of this. Any developers out there?