Южная Осетия - South Ossetia

Hello everyone. Sorry for writing in English, but my Russian is just not so good.

The last few days, I was mapping South Ossetia. As you may know, South Ossetia has two official languages, Ossetic and Russian. Street signs are bilingual. All villages have official Russian names. (check this). Until recently however, Russian name tags were missing nearly everywhere in South Ossetia.

I spent a lot of time researching the Russian street and place names of South Ossetian villages, even the smaller ones, and I also used a book for my research (Ойконимия Осетии (названия населенных пунктов Осетии) by З.Д. Цховребова).
This morning I noticed that a User named Andrey Kozaev had destroyed most of my work by either deleting the Russian name tag (name:ru) completely or replacing the content of the name:ru tag with the content of name:os (Ossetic). This is even worse, since Ossetic is not Russian!

I see this as an act of blatant vandalism.
What can I do?

Hi Maturi0n!
Could you please provide example links to some objects affected by theese “vandal” edits. I’ll take a look.

Откатить правки где он меняет name:ru. Двойное наименование в name возможно где-то обсуждалось.


I hope these are the correct links, since I never before did report anything.

I think these are all the changes he did in the last 24 hours:

If for example we take a look at this changeset: http://www.openstreetmap.org/changeset/25338153
In one case, he changed name:ru from “Школа № 6” to “6-æм скъола”, in another one he replaced “ул. Лермонтова” by “Лермантовы уынг” and he also changed the Russian name of the village Тбет to “Тъбет”, the Ossetic spelling. These are just some examples of what he did.

I wrote to Andrey Kozaev a message with appeal not delete russian. georgian and english names from the OSM-database and expound him a question about language-localized maps on February 2013, because I observed such non-constructive edits. He didn’t answer me. I think, that we should try to write him again, because he didn’t stop his harmful activity. In case of continuing of such actions, we will have to write to DWG. Also, I guess, that the most of names (tag name) in South Ossetia should have russian names or russian and ossetian with dash (see Switzerland, for example), because de-facto the most of signs in South Ossetia are russian or bilingual.

Я писал Andrey Kozaev сообщение с просьбой не удалять русские, грузинские и английские названия из базы данных OSM и разъяснил ему вопрос насчёт локализованных по языку карт в феврале 2013 года, т. к. я заметил подобные неконструктивные правки. Он не ответил мне. Я думаю, мы должны попробовать ещё раз написать ему, т. к. он не остановил свою вредную деятельность. В случае продолжения подобных действий, нам придётся написать в DWG. Также я полагаю, что большинство названий (тег name) в Южной Осетии должны иметь русские названия или русские и осетинские через тире (см., например, Швейцарию), т. к. де-факто большинство табличек в Южной Осетии русские или двуязычные.

Хорошо! :slight_smile: But is there a way to revert his recent changes? I would find it very sad if all the stuff I added was lost…

Reverter plugin for JOSM

I want to inform you that, after his changes have been reverted, Andrey Kozaev again started to remove Russian names from South Ossetia. I wrote him two messages, one in Russian and one in English, and he didnt’t reply. He just removed Russian spellings without comment. I think he should be prevented from doing this for a while…

Опять же, Андрей Козаев удалены русской топонимике.

Now, there have been editing conflicts and information starts to get lost since I couldn’t revert everything. Can’t anyone stop Andrey Kozaev or at least make him participate in this discussion? I currently stopped mapping in South Ossetia, since I’m not sure how long my changes will survive…

Write to DWG, they can block user and revert vandalism.

I just sent a mail to DWG and I hope this will help. However, I fear that until they look into the case, Andrey Kozaev will go on with his malicious edits.