I named a source in my change-set I am not suppose to use. Can I change this in my change-set?

It seems that you can’t change changeset tags once it’s closed.

Arie, did you get a mail from Marc Zoutendijk. He sends a welcoming mail with resources to all new mappers in The Netherlands. I guess, it is best to ask your questions (see your changeset), on the Dutch forum. They will be more than willing to help you in Dutch

Arie, heb je een mail gekregen van Marc Zoutendijk ? Hij stuurt een welkom mail naar iedere nieuwe mapper in Nederland. Het is het beste om je vragen daar te stellen. Men is er zeer bereid om nieuwe mappers in het Nederlands verder te helpen

If you actually used an unacceptable source, and the changeset is small, you should urgently resurvey the feature in question and tag the individual elements with acceptable sources that cover the sources you used to verify all aspects of the data originally used. You could then add a changeset comment to the original changeset explaining this.

If the source was never really used in the first place, I’d just add a changeset comment.

If the changes were more extensive, or it is not possible to reverify them by acceptable means, you should probably contact the data working group to have the changeset redacted. Generally any confidential source would also be an unacceptable one for OSM, but if this is a question of confidentiality, you should also try requesting a redaction.

No he did not receive that message because I started sending messages in August 2015, and Arie joined in July 2015…
However, I sent him that message 2 minutes ago, after reading your message.