Source of a street name

Hello I would like to know who first wrote a street name in my countryside. I asked to old people and they do not know about it. Moreover the street has a different name as reported on a building wall. Just to be sure.

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Things depend on the country or city you are living in, so it would be good to mention that.

The authority to assign street names is in my country (the Netherlands) with the municipality and for my municipality there is even a page that describes the source of the name.

If you find an official sign in the street I would take that as first choice. If there is no such choice, try to find an official source that can give you the data.

Hello, this place is a very very small countryside, in Italy. I am trying to fix street names since municipality is not working on it. Municipality provides just a list of street names. In this list I do not find a street name I see on OSM; but same problem I found on TomTom, street names that are not in municipality list. Just wondering if I can find the origin of this street name from OSM.

You can take a look at the history of the OSM way to see which user created it. Then send a message to this user asking about the origin for the name. Maybe this is already given in the corresponding changeset comment.