SOTM US 2010 Schedule

The schedule for SOTM US is up - August 14 and 15, Atlanta.

Will there be video taken of the talks?

I’m not sure, but I would hope so; the talks would be of interest to everyone.

From Richard Weait’s email on the mailing list:

In two weeks plus or minus a few hours, OSM-ers from around the world
will be meeting in Atlanta for the first State of the Map - US. If
the International SotM is any guide, the fun will start the night
before, in the hotel bars, lounges and local pubs. Because that is
where the unstructured conversations will start.

Sure, the schedule of talks looks interesting, but the thing that will
inspire you for the rest of the summer will be a conversation that you
didn’t expect. The thing that will inspire you to go out and survey,
even in the middle of winter, will be the chance meeting with OSMers
from three different places and the discovery that you each have a
passion for mapping bowling alleys[1].

You’ll think, “that talk was nice” and you’ll mention it to the person
beside you. You’ll take that common experience of the talk, your
individual context from mapping around home, add a dash of convention
coffee as catalyst and you’ll have an amazing, informative,
inspirational conversation.

If you have been contemplating going to Atlanta, now is the time to

Book now. Come to SotM-US. Bring your pocketful of awesome with you
and share it with the rest.

If you have never been to a State of the Map, but you really enjoy
participating in OSM, you will absolutely dig this weekend event.
Even if you would rather map in solitude, you will enjoy this group of
kindred spirits.

Really. Book now. Do it.

Best regards,

[1] Where “bowling alleys” will be something that interests you.