SOTM Baltics 2013: 3-4 August, Tartu, Estonia


We’ve been discussing the idea of a regional mini-conference to be attended by mappers from Baltic countries, Russia, Finland and Sweden. OSM community in our countries seems to be a closed and isolated circle with a very few new members each year. So we suggest to break the isolation through an international OSM meet-up (or mini-conference) in Tartu, Estonia. We coined the event “SOTM Baltics”.

Mappers from the other contries are also welcomed! By the way, Poland is also a Baltic country! :slight_smile:

The conference will be held on 3-4 August 2013 in Tartu, Estonia.

Early Bird Registration for the SOTM Baltics is open:
Register before the 9th of June for just 10 Euro!

Event format: very unformal (it’s more like UNconference than an academic conference): normal talks, lighting talks, “podium discussions”, social event in a pub in the evening.

Why Tartu? We have mappers from Tartu who volonteered to find a room for the SOTM Baltics. Also, Tartu can be conveniently accessed from the largest cities in the Baltic countries: Tallinn, Helsinki, Sankt Petersburg, Moscow, Riga. Tartu is a university city and IT-center of Estonia.

How to get to Tartu from Poland with public transportation. First reach Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, then take a bus or a train to Tartu (2.5 hours). An alternative route is via Riga. There are 4 daily buses between Riga and Tartu that depart Riga at 8:40, 18:45, 22:45, 23:55. The journey takes around 4 hours. Tickets can be bought at

Very interesting! Thanks in advance for the organization of this meeting. I speak with my boss. Maybe I can participate.

Best regards,

Marek, I hope to meet you there!

The conference will be held on 3-4 August (Saturday-Sunday) 2013 in Tartu, Estonia.

The conference page in the OSM-wiki:

Registration to the SOTM Baltics will be announced as soon as possible.

Early Bird Registration for the SOTM Baltics is open:

Register before the 9th of June for just 11 Euro!

We’ve managed to get a wonderful venue for the SOTM Baltics!

The conference will be held in the main building of the University of Tartu:

The conference hall is normally used for PhD defence and University Senate meetings. The University of Tartu was found in 1632, its main building was built more than 200 years ago.

Register before the 9th of June for just 10 Euro:

The Call for Papers will be announced in a few days.

Only 2 days left for the Early Bird registration of the conference SotM Baltics 2013.

Take the last chance to take part in the first Baltic OpenStreetMap conference for just 11 Euro:

Payment can be made through a number of ways:

  • credit card
  • PayPal
  • bank transfer
  • cash at the conference

So far we’ve got a significant number of participants from Estonia and Russia. Mappers from Latvia, Finland, Germany, Netherlands and Afghanistan are also registered for the conference.

There were complaints that it wouldn’t be easy and cheap to get to Tartu and back. Believe me it’s not true. I can help you to plan your trip. Just send me a note.

Jade tam. Ktos sie jeszcze od nas wybiera?

marek kleciak:

So far you are the only one from Polish forum :slight_smile:

Well, the way to Tartu is long and quite difficult :wink:

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. (Laotse) :slight_smile:

Poproszono mne,bym nieco opowiedzial o sytuacji spolecznosci OSM w Polsce.
Czy jest gdzies jakas prezentacja która mozna by wykorzystac? Nie chce wyssac wszystkiego z palca. Jakie sprawy mozna by tam poruszyc?

Rendering Yarla do indooru (myślę, że wymaga pewnej promocji ). Jeśli chodzi o dane to radzimy sobie nieźle

Pomózcie mi wypelnic poszczególne punkty o dzialalnosci Stowarzyszenia:

  • Kontakty
  • Polityka
  • Firmy
    … ?
  • Kooperacje
  • Mass Media

Co jeszcze?

Troche mozna wyciagnac z rocznych sprawozdan, 2012 i 2013.

Slides and videos for SotM Baltics 2013 talks:

Photos und blog articles: