Sorting by votes, to replace

Splitting this off from marking topics as solved:


This doesn’t mention thread sorting by votes like the old help site. Do we have a separate plugs n installed that does that? I think it was quite handy.


We can evaluate installing additional plugins if we consider them required for the way we want to use the forums.

In fact the current settings for topic order over #help-and-support is exactly like that

Does that setting also apply to the posts (which is what were’s looking for here) or only the topic list?

As far as I understand only to the topic listing. For the posts inside a topic I remember seeing a plugin but not sure if it’s working as we want to.

For long topics, there is a default feature to summarize a topic and you’ll get most liked replies, but I don’t know if that’s enough for us.

Not really. The point of a help/Q&A platform is that someone looking for the answer should learn all they need to know from a single post that has risen to the top of the list of answers (immediately below the question) by receiving the most votes.

Do you know StackOverflow? It’s by far the most popular example of the idea.

The plugin linked by @hfs looks promising, but I’m not sure if it’s possible to enable this sort order in a particular category by default.


An answer can be marked as solved, and is then showed as link in the question.

At least this is the way it can work on, with an example here: Script ilastik .h5 image import in FIJI - Usage & Issues - Forum

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We have just found that the Questions-answers plugin was deprecated in favor of a new official one. Waiting until this new one is ready for deployment (still in development).


A follow up on this:
Here is stated:

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Plugin is now installed and can be tested in new topics on Help and support and Tagging help & support

Example for testing:


The old help site allows other users to convert an answer to a comment and vice versa if it has been submitted via the wrong method. Is this possible with this new plugin?


Not that I’m aware of, maybe a good feature request for upstream (If it’s not yet planned)

OK, I thought it might be a mod thing I don’t have access to here.

Is thereca why to copy existing Qustion/Answer thread to the help section. There is jo reason a person should have to post a question if has already been answered.

I’d imagine that the “help” site is turned off (at least to new submissions) if this site can replace it functionally. One of the reasons for looking at Discourse was that it was being actively developed whereas OSQA (the software behind the help site) was not.