Sony Ericsson Xperia™ X10 mini - any good for mapping?

I am thinking about to buy the above phone.
Has anybody experience with it?
is the gps accurate enough for mapping?
do your favorite openstreetmap applications (android 1.6) work with it?

Any hints are welcome :wink:

I cannot deliver any further info about your specific phone model, but apps for OSM can be found at

PS: is there a possibility to upgrade the android version on your desited phone? because android 1.6 isn’t so fresh anymore …

@Christian… the X10 mini have a really small display (2.55")… I have the normal X10, and there I can say, that the GPS is really good. p.e. osmtracker for android, navit, skobbler works perfect on the normal X10. but I don’t know, if the handling will be on the X10 mini also so good on so a small display.

@stephan75… on the Xperia it isn’t yet possible to install a newer version from android. but there is an update to 2.1 planed for this month.

thanks your advice is very much appreciated. :slight_smile:

sounds perfect to me - my main use case is mapping - in kenya the imagery outside the major cities is really bad :frowning: so i need GPS tracks. The x10 + OSMTracker for Android seems like a good choice for me

maybe i wait a little while until this is available.