Something Wrong Here...

Hi all,

I just downloaded the map and this is my first time doing this. So basically i heard i can use basecamp to plan my trip but i duno y the route between the waypoint suddenly haywire.

From my cardboard cathedral to Re:start, it suddenly travel down then turn to the extreme right before it u-turn back to Re:start and from Re:start, it go down and turn left to forested area before going to 136 on Bealey.

Can someone help me on this? Or is it because i got some setting problem?

Please advise. Thanks in advance!

Hi and welcome to OSM and forum

I’m not familiar with Garmin’s BaseCamp but for me it looks like the route calculation is based on the (rough and undetailed) Garmin basemap and the OSM-Map is just used as an overlay to display.

Hi PHerison, or is there any other program i can use to do my trip planner using OSM map for NZ?

There are tons of possibilities out there. Maybe you let us know a bit more of your use case. Do you want to plan trips on yor PC or your mobile device? Is online ok or should it be offline? Hiking, cycling, car, …?

Some selection of OSM based routers is listed on the Wiki:

Was the OSM map that you loaded into Baecamp routable? How did you create it (or where did you download it from)? I use Mapsource rather than Basecamp myself, but that has no problems routing over routable OSM-based maps.