Someone recently removed an important hiking trail

Hello, I am not very familiar with the changelog and dispute procedure, but someone recently wiped an important hiking trail on a Costa Rica volcano.

I hiked it in March of this year, it is there and it is good. The second end of the trail (a little to the south) is still marked.

If you open the link you will see that the northern end of the Rio Celeste trail abruptly ends. It should go all the way to the road on the right! There is also a waterfall in the middle that got wiped too.

Can someone please look into it?
Thank you

Although the OSMI Redaction Bot View seems to be down at the moment you can see that the “second end of the trail (a little to the south)” was last modified by the OSMF Redaction Bot. Hence the trail has probably been deleted by the same bot due to our recent license change. Try to add it again by using ODBL-compliant sources.

From my quick read up on the subject, it seems that the old license vs the new license is a controversial subject. It is however very clear that deleting a large portion of data due to license change was very harmful, more than the supposed benefits of the license change. The way I see it, OSM has a potential to become the most detailed and updated world map; it is already miles ahead of Google in places like Costa Rica. However, self-destructing decisions like the last one make me doubt the future of OSM and think twice before getting involved.

There is no point in discussing the license change any more as it is already completed and won’t and shouldn’t be made undone. Better invest your time in filling the missing gaps in the map.