Someone just send me a link to a website that shows a osm map and attributes it to google. No osm attribution given. What to do now?

Spielplatz eintragen | and click on “OSM”

Did you contact the operator (Impressum | of the website?

Apart from that the website seems to negate that most playgrounds do not have addresses and many do not have a name. But that’s another story.


It’s been 7 days now and the owner didn’t react. I just send a follow up email. What if he doesn’t react then?

In case someone else wants to try it:

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There’s alsp no attribution on the mobile site Deutschlandweite Spielplatzkarte |


send a friendly message to the web site operator explaining that we’re
happy for them to use our maps but would they please fix their attribution.

The wiki has email templates for this:


(experimenting with the email gateway, apologies if
anything should look odd)

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Haha sorry, this already went wrong on the first attempt :wink: I didn’t see that this was a longer thread already. – There’s not really anything you can do other than to keep nagging them. But, do consider that the operator might be on holiday and not reading their emails (or not being willing or able to change the web site) - if this is not a “professional” endeavour, then 7 days of silence doesn’t mean they are ignoring you.

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The page ‘impressum’ leads to a company called ‘MarinaDesign’, you can also send copy of your request to this company. From experience the CC: field is powerful.

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Thx for the good advices! I’ll leave it at that for now. If my email is in their spam, it’ll take a very long time. Let’s see.

You can also start nagging OSMF to take action.

BTW, is filing DMCA takedown notice something that OSM contributors can do?