Someone Deleted all my GPS traced hwy changes!!!

over a year ago I took the time to drive all the new US hwy 12 bypass(the open section) to get the gps tracklogs so I could add all the round about intersections(5 in total). today when looking in the area I see someone reverted the map back to the old(incorrect) route(they just traced the satellite image).

Is there anything that can be done to get back my edits?

A bit more info: The link below is a PDF with a rough drawing of all the changes to US hwy 12. All the Highlighted sections are already open to traffic(have been for over a year). The section on the PDf that says “proposed USH 12” is currently under construction otherwise every change you see should be on the map, even the “proposed” section should be open by the fall of this year.

I see that someone is reverting it even as we speak: . When armchair-mapping, I always try to give priority to local edits which might be newer than aerials.

Out of date aerials can be a problem - one famous intersection in California was repeatedly updated from survey data and reverted until someone with access to editor code superimposed the words “Not a roundabout” over the area in big letters!

Another helpful solution I’ve seen to clue me in to newer aerials was a circle around the affected area with a note. The circle was an odd construct, which made me check it and see the note and know that the aerials were out of date. The circle doesn’t render and mess up maps.

Thanks for the reply, I did manage to find someone to revert the edits. I was a bit discouraged when I seen the map had been changed as it was allot of work getting the 5+ round about intersections mapped with my gps.

I’m really glad everything was fixed, wish there was some way to avoid this type of thing as it sounds like it has happen in the past.

The best you could do is to add a tag like “note=be careful, aerial imagery outdated, etc, blahblah” to all concerned ways…