Somebody willing to help with streetname adjustments?

Hello folks,

I want to take care of some problems for more than a year but not getting to it.
If we could split that job to smaller chunks and do it together, we could make it together and be ready in a small time.

Does anybody have time and the willing to get a table from my and take care of a specific streetname issue?

Some example for translation issues:

  • Simtat => Alley
  • Sderot => Ave.
  • Nahal => Stream or Wadi

We will find enough of those tiny problems that could be fixed.
Anybody interested?

I guess it will not take more than 1 hours to fix the issues and check for other problems in this chunk.

I think Nahal should be Stream or Wadi.

Anyway, I’d like to help but don’t know exactly how. What is the easiest way to find these problems?

There is no problem to find the problem :slight_smile:

It is just that somebody with good Hebrew knowledge needs to get check a specific table that I would provide and fix one specific issue that would be discussed before.
You just give me a note that you are done, and I would upload your fixed translation.

To make it easier we would have just one chunk with a specific issue.
For example Nahal and when this is fixed we can continue with the next problem chunk that is Simtat etc.

Beside the fix, we need to define a rule for future edits so it would be equal all over Israel.

So the job sounds harder than it actually is.

In a different thread I referred us to the naming conventions set by the Hebrew Academy:

I suggest we keep “Nahal” as-is in the English names, just like “Giv’at”.