Somebody put roads over top existing ones. How can this be reverted?

I would delete manually but there is a lot to be fixed

I can see (based on looking at e.g. that you’ve already had a go at deleting some of these.

The first thing that I’d suggest is to tell the person who added the duplicate data about the problem. Some of the duplicates here were added in They’re not a new mapper, so they will obviously know that they should not have added duplicates - it must have been done by mistake. This is in Canada, and the locale of the person adding these duplicates is Dutch. Normally where there’s a locale difference I’d suggest adding an auto-translated version of your text in their own language, but here the mapper is a regular around OSM and (like many people from the Netherlands) has excellent English.

The way that I’d suggest contacting them is by commenting in one of the changesets. These comments will get emailed to the user and will also appear in lists such as From looking at that, it’s not the only example of duplicate overlapping ways. If they don’t see or act on that message for any reason, then drop OSM’s Data Working Group an email (via ) so that we can send them a message that the have to read before continuing to edit.

When it comes to reverting the data, the wiki describes a number of options: In this case it looks like there’s a mixture of valid additions and problematic ones, so it’s difficult to say what the easiest appoach might be. It could be any one of:

  1. Revert everything using the revert scripts, and then re-add valid data using JOSM’s “undelete” functionality.
  2. Do a selective revert using JOSM
  3. Edit the problematic data manually in any regular editor (which is what you’ve already started manually)

I’ve not looked in detail, but (3) might actually be the best appoach here. In most cases I’d actually recommend not doing (3) until someone’s looked at automatic revert options, because a mixture of problematic edits and partial fixes can be actually harder to fix than just the problematic edits themselves, but here that’s probably not true.

If you’d like OSM’s Data Working Group to fix the data or help fix it, you can email them to ask them to do that too.

Best Regards,

Andy (from OSM’s Data Working Group)

I wouldn’t revert, because in this case, they’ve added valid-looking stuff. And because like you, I’ve made some changes to fix an incompleteness that bugged me (adding landuse without removing trees). I also fixed some duplicated landuses, but left duplicated roads alone. Reverting now would just mess things up, sorry.

This thread brought it to my attention and got me involved. It’s my region… But I’ll stop now; the original mapper should really fix up their mess, IMHO.

EDIT: I see now, the discussion above is about Saskatchewan; my comments are about Alberta, same mapper. I’ve fixed up some of their work in Alberta, my region, but haven’t touched Saskatchewan.