Somebody deleted the Tel-Aviv-Yafo residential area

How can I find it and revert it?

When did that happen?
(note: I’m not from Israel, but I think I could possibly help)

In order to find “who did that” you’ll need to provide:

  1. What element type is it (node/way/relation)
  2. Some meaningful tag values
  3. A date when the element existed

With this information it is possible to create an overpasss-turbo query that will provide you with a link to the element, and you can see its history.

With the help of this query, I found that earlier this year relation 2731722 had a “landuse=residential” tag.

It was later replaced and currently it’s a “place=town” multipolygon. This is the town boundary and it contains several non-residential areas. Therefore, IMO, the current tag is more accurate, although a “place=city” is more appropriate for Tel Aviv…

So basically we never had a proper residential area for TLV?

I did some additional digging and found that there are currently two “place” relations for Tel Aviv:

Relation 1382494 was added first as an administrative boundary relation. About 4 years ago, a “place”=“city” tag was added to it.

Relation 2731722 was added second as a “landuse”=“residential” multipolygon relation. About 3 months ago this relation was mistakenly changed to “natural”=“water”. The next edit did not restore the “landuse”=“residential” tag, but rather created a “place”=“town” tag.

With a few exceptions, especially along the coast, the relations’ geometries are identical. Although Relation 2731722 was intended to capture “landuse”=“residential” in Tel Aviv, it is following the administrative boundary and includes many non-residential areas: commercial, university, parks, and more.

I see two options here:

  1. Fix relation 2731722 to its original intent and capture the residential areas within Tel Aviv’s administrative boundaries.
  2. Delete relation 2731722

If no one takes the task of fixing is, I suggest relation 2731722 will be deleted. In the meantime I’ve restored the “landuse”=“residential” tag for relation 2731722.

Is there anyone interested in fixing it?