Some rivers/lakes not drawn

I’m trying to build maps by using mapnik with a postgres database loaded with OSM data. I’ve gotten the data loaded into the database and I can build maps, but some rivers or parts of some lakes aren’t being drawn. Everything else looks to be drawn properly. And it is not all rivers and lakes, just some parts of the river or lake. I imported the data into the database using osm2pgsql. I’m using all the default stylesheets. Is there some stylesheet or some setting I need to change to make sure all the rivers and lakes are drawn? I got the OSM data from

I would check which version of osm2pgsql you are using. Versions from around a year ago or earlier may not process 64-bit osm-ids properly. This tends to get you the points (presumably with a truncated id), but not how they join up in ways. There are a number of help questions on this topic.

If this is not the problem, I’m not sure what can be happening.

I’m running this on a Windows 7 machine. The osm2pgsql version I’m using is the 64bit version that was built on 11/21/2013. When I run the “osm2pgsql -h” command, this is what I get:

osm2pgsql SVN version af61cae663 (64bit id space)

release notes: ‘Windows version built by Dominik Perpeet (’

After looking on the wiki for osm2pgsql I found this for the windows version I downloaded:

This version does not appear to handle all objects properly (64-bit problem), checking git not all 32-bit variables for IDs had been caught when this was compiled.

So it appears I’m having the problem you are talking about.

That was the issue. I’m now using the Cygwin version of osm2pgsql for Windows and it appears to have imported the data correctly. I now have water where water is supposed to be and all the roads appear to be connected now. Thanks for your help.

Glad to be of service (I wrote the bit on the wiki too :-)).