Some Questions,

I have been using Potlatch for a few days now, adding a few roads and tracks around my home location.

Just need some clarification.

What are the Administrative lines on the map - what do they represent,
They obscure my GPX tracks when the coincide with roads.

Is it possible to delete them as they seem to have no purpose.


4wd tracks in Forest - I have been recording 4wd tracks as Highway = track, Ref = 4wd or AWD

However when I view them in a green forest area, I cannot see the track, even at highest zoom.
Do I need to record them some other way to make them visible.

I find it difficult to record the difference between a 2wd bitumen road and 2wd all weather dirt road.
Any suggestions

Also, I have access to Landsat imagery dated 2000 for Australia and NZ, Is this copyright free so I can copy physical features?


The administrative boundaries are probably the borders of suburbs, postcodes or other geographical areas. The Australian Bureau of Statistics released their border outlines under a Creative Commons licence and permission to import them into OpenStreetMap. Please don’t delete them as they are important information! They are rendered on the main slippy map (Mapnik) as light dotted lines.

See for more information

If the boundaries are obscuring your GPS traces, then presumably they align pretty well (this is usually the case as borders are usually defined by roads, rivers or other geographical features). Assuming you want to draw some kind of road or path there, and the border pretty much aligns with your trace, you can actually select the border and apply a highway=* tag directly to the selected way (the borders are defined as boundary relations of several discrete ways). You can use the split tool in Potlatch if you only want the road to follow part of the border - the integrity of the boundary should be maintained by the relation.

There is some debate on the mailing list about what to do when traces don’t align with the ABS data. Also, the mailing list is much more active than this forum so you’d probably get a quicker and better answer if you posted your query there…

Regarding your other questions, I’m pretty sure that 4WD tracks have been discussed on the mailing list recently, so search the archive at and I’m sure you’ll find tons of useful information about how other Aussie mappers are doing things.