Some questions/observations about OSM Truck

I downloaded and installed OSM Truck Sweden and Norway to my Garmin and I noticed that
1, speed limit isn´t displayed on screen, is that intended to be so?
2, where default Garmin map used to have speed limit, OSM have a “Truck availibility unknown” circle with text. This is on major roads, how can that be unknown?
3, there are some text-boxes that are blank, I think it´s supposed to be EV-charging stations there.
4, does the Truck version of OSM map calculate for truck inormation put into Garmin vehicle profiles, such as height, width, axle weights and total weight?

What is “OSM Truck”? Where did you download it from?

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OpenStreetMap-Garmin maps | Maps for Trucks (

While those maps were created using OpenStreetMap data, they are otherwise not associated with the project. You’ll have to talk to the authors of those maps if something is wrong.


ok, thank you!