Some questions about Srpskian objects

This is simply not true. Answer is complex and it was given here. That is why I posted link to a discussion and closed a note. Everyone interested can come here and get informed.

Another your lie is that here only mine views are shown. Complete discussion is here. Your views first, then mine, then other’s, as they showed up.

Again, you are twisting truth, obviously with no good intentions. You only see your views as correct and disrespectfully attack any other opinion and directly insult people disagreeing with you.

Again not true. Not just me, but at least one more person explained to you that is official classification of that road. You can change surface description but not official classification, as that is against OSM rules of tagging.

As I said, I stumbled on the same issue as you number of times and I thought, just like you, that those roads are wrongly tagged but it was explained to me that roads must be tagged by the rules and official classification.

What I assumed, and obviously so do you, is that classification describes quality of the road. That is not the case. Classification defines only purpose of the road. It is wrong to assume quality of the road from the purpose.

Your behavior is really horrible. I do not find your opinions offending. You literally offend people using offending wording with obvious intention to make personal insults. You should not be allowed to do so.

And of course, regardless you are offending me or anyone else I would stand up against such horrible and unacceptable behavior.

As I already said, the fact that you attacked me is the only thing that saved you from me using my moderator privileges to handle you. I just pointed out that you are behaving inappropriately. I even offered detailed explanation of mapping you referred to, but you were not interested for that, but just to continue with insults.

If it was someone else you attacked you would be promptly expelled from here. Such disgraceful and disrespectful behavior you exercise here simply should not be allowed to nobody. It is even more horrifying that you are actually moderator on your country’s group. I can just imagine how you may harass people there where you have even power of moderator.

So take this as the last warning. If you continue your disrespectful and insulting behavior, telling lies and twisting other’s words, we would be forced to handle you. Be polite even if you disagree. Respect others. Use proper argumentation instead of insults. Listen what others are saying and try to understand and accept even if you disagree.

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With my moderator hat on, I don’t see the current exchange between two fellow country moderators as productive, and quality of the discourse has gone steeply downhill. While I agree that tagging of the road in question is problematic, the current direction of discussion is not going to resolve it. I’m closing this thread.