Some problems with my Garmin Etrex 30 and Basecamp

I’m currently in the Netherlands using my Etrex. Normally I live in Delhi and use the respective sectionmaps.

I have the Benelux map (Openfiets) installed.

I’m using Basecamp (latest version installed to plan my trips; When I’ve planned my trip and subsequently want to download it to my Etrex30 (Fully updated SW) I get the message: ““Some routes were created on a map that is not installed on your Etrex.”” When I just continue it asks to recalculate the route.

I’ve also had some very peculiar behavior on the Etrex30:

Planned a route, downloaded in the Etrex, used the GO TO function, chose the route, the route loaded, but it would not start. The GO never appeared.

Also, I noticed when I plan a route from our home to a destination and back again, the Etrex would at the start point immediately start routing for home/ This would happen until I hit the midway point of the route. There were plenty of waypoints in the route, so that was not the problem. Somehow it doesnt want to use the first half section of the route.

I solved it by making two separate routes, one to the halfway point and one back home, but I never had this problem before.

The other thing I noticed the Etrex is extremely slow calculating a route home. Say I’m somewhere about 20 kilometers from home. I type in the address and it could take upwards of 15-20 minutes before it has calculated the route. Also, very often I runs out of memory and fails to calculate the route home all together.

When I hook the Etrex up to my Mac I see the Device Garmin with three items, Autorun.inf, documents and a folder Garmin. However there is also a Device NO NAME and on it is a txt file and a folder Garmin in which a file OSMgenericroutable.img sits.

I have installed an extra miniSD card.

I’m just wondering if there is something wrong with the installation of the various maps?

Any help/suggestions would be much appreciated/


Did you see that we have a special Garmin subforum here?

I did now!. Actually, I see there are some of my earlier posts in there as well. Had not realised. Can this be moved.

I have no etrex but just some comments that might help.

Make sure you have the exact same maps on the computer and on your Etrex
Make sure that on the Etrex you have just 1 routable map active (So OSMGenericRoutable & Openfietsmap not both active)
Make sure that the routing settings in both basecamp and Etrex are the same (e.g. avoid unpaved etc.)
The Openfietsmap is a very good map with some nice (but strange) features. Make sure to read the instruction on this site so you know what settings to use.

Hope this helps.

Well, I did find I had two maps activate on the Etrex. I also reinstalled Base camp and all the maps on my Etrex. That seemed to have done the trick.

thanks for the help