Some Editing Questions

I’ll just get right down to it;

The routing plugin in JOSM doesn’t seem to work for me - I can add any nodes to the routing no matter where I click?

Should I orthogonalize all buildings that appear to be orthogonal? Is there a bulk-tool for this?

I tend to want to add even very small “foot-made” paths if they act as a shortcut between two places, what is the policy here?

The cycleway/footway distinction again; from the mix I’ve seen in existing data I guess people tag it as what they themselves use it for mostly. So the question is - should I try to follow the existing tags when extending existing ways, or should I tag new ways with highway=path, bicycle=yes, foot=yes ?

Placement of amenities: Some people place them on the building edge, some inside - I tend to prefer them far enough inside so that the icon doesn’t overlap the line on at least the lowest zoom-level. Is it OK to align existing amenities like this?

In general, what is the policy on “beautifying” existing maps - not to add more information but to align POIs, orthogonalize buildings and smooth out jagged ways? Since data is from GPS or low-res satellite imagery anyway they will never be exact so IMHO they may as well look good.

– Sasq

Probably, and probably not, since you would want to check each individual building to make sure it doesn’t need to be rotated.

I assume you’re talking about “unofficial” paths that have been created across otherwise grassy areas? Probably, with foot=permissive.

One can’t win a holy war. Flip a coin.

Don’t tag for the renderer. If the amenity is on the building edge (like an ATM) place it on the edge. Otherwise, if you know approximately where in the building it is, put it there.

Go for it, as long as you’re sure it’s an improvement. (By the way, there’s high-res imagery for many cities, at least in North America.)