Some 3D questions (wrong rendering of tower)


I’m trying to fix this tower [1] :

  1. Why is there a hole in the bottom part of the tower?

  2. How to set the initial gui window size for osm2world.jar (it’s much to small on my HD display)?

  3. Do I have to use building:colour instead of just colour?




Ok, already found some answers:

  1. The outline part (building=yes) was not covered by a building:part, so I duplicated it to a building:part

  2. Only building:colour is evaluated by the 3D renderers.

Now the rendering looks good in osm2world locally.
EDIT: In F4 it now also looks good.

I made some edits and tested in Blender (see the link in my signature).

I eliminated overlapping for the building outline and building part, namely:
I deleted the way for the building part
I created a relation for that building part referencing the way used by the building outline
I set the correct total building height (30m) for the building outline (was around 2m)

building:colour is used for building walls, roof:colour is used for a roof

A useful tip how to copy tags only:

  • select a way or relation with the tags your wish to copy
  • select a target way or relation
  • press CTRL SHIFT V

Hi, that’s a good-looking 3D tower. :slight_smile:

That’s currently not supported, unfortunately. I’ve created a github issue for this feature request. Not sure how to best implement it yet.

You have already solved your other problems, I think?