[Solved] Why are the bus stops I made not visible in Osmand?

I created many bus stops like these: https://www.openstreetmap.org/edit?editor=id#map=21/40.93613/24.40509 following the wiki. stop and platform are in a public_transport=stop_area relation and in the route relation. But all the stops I made are not visible in Osmand in search/categories/public transport, or if I type in search field the name of the stop it is not found. I made them about 1 week ago. Also I can not see it in Osmand map.
If I search for the bus stop in iD editor it finds it.

Any help?
Thank you!

Have you tried updating your osmand map? As that’s not automatic

I am a subscriber, so it updates about every hour automatically. Thank you

After uninstall of beta and install of non-beta it works. Thank you!