[solved]@ Tordanik ... about your cyclestreet wikidata changing

Why is the wikidata ‘undone’ of cyclestreet ?
Your comment i cannot understand ;

could you please explain a bit more ? :roll_eyes:

I’m not sure what can be misunderstood. You set the KeyDescription template to have a default Wikidata value, which simply doesn’t make sense. Each use of the template should require a specific Wikidata value to be set, and otherwise not show this field at all. It wouldn’t make sense for a random key page to link to the cyclestreet Wikidata.

Is the ‘specific Wikidata value’ with Q34442(road) of ‘Key:highway’ then correct ? :roll_eyes:
Because there is also a highway ‘description’ on wikidata as Q269949

EDIT : i changed the wikidata of Key:highway … so … that case is solved :wink:

I don’t know which one would be best for that, but that’s completely separate from the issue at hand: that the template shouldn’t have any default defined for the wikidata field. Or, if you feel it should, you’ll need to provide an explanation of why you think there should be a default and identify a Wikidata that can be vague enough to fit a wide variety of OSM keys and still be useful. Certainly, the “cyclestreet” Wikidata doesn’t fit this.

OK, maybe i am too old for this, but i still cannot comprehend the ‘logic’ of this all … thanks anyway for the answers … :wink:

Let me try to explain:

A template is copied to all pages that use it.
On those pages, you can customize some aspects of that particular copy.

The page you edited was the template itself.
As the result, your change was copied to all pages using this infobox template. So completely unrelated pages – for example, Key:wheelchair or Key:military – did now link to the cyclstreet Wikidata item, too.

To set the Wikidata tag for the cyclestreet=* key, you should instead edit the Key:cyclestreet page.

I thought that i did that exactly :roll_eyes: … that is why i am ‘confused’ about this ‘issue’ …

Ah, I understand what’s happening now.

You probably clicked the small edit (“e”) link at the top of the infobox on the right side. This is for editing the general template, not the specific Key:cyclestreet instance of the template. To edit Key:cyclestreet, you need to use the Edit link at the top of the page.

Yes, that is what i did wrong , i see now, that one has to use the ‘pipe’ command (etc.), to edit that wikidata value … because i did not know how to find that in the first place on Edit link at the top of the page … i hope, it is now correct … thanks for the replies :wink: